Join us to grow together

OLYMPUS is a young and dynamic, booming on the Italian territory and abroad. Entering OLYMPUS-FRP means being part of a fresh, close-knit team, ready to accompany you and support you in your professional growth. Therefore, we propose a project of personal and professional development of great concern to every employee. Our goal is to make our PARTNER responsible, professional, passionate and valued.

Become part of a large group, and you will realize how how much bigger will be your appeal to customers, even the most skeptical.


  • Constantly training and updating team who did a great passion for a job
  • A big business reality to grow with on the market
  • Extensive experience in the market
  • New products to offer to your customers
  • Counseling and free training
  • Definition of individual solutions according to your customers
  • Technical and construction details at your disposal
  • Calculation software at your disposal
  • Constant care of our technical office
  • Estimates in 24 hours
  • Visibility of your reality our site.

Why choose our services:

  • Professionality
  • Market knowledge
  • Reliability and security of our services (guaranteed results)
  • Targeted analysis of the possible solutions for each individual client
  • We provide the technical tools necessary for you and your client.

Our values

At the center of our daily attention is the person as “professional” and not only as a “worker”, his satisfaction, its professional realization both from purely economic side and from that, in our opinion most important, of the achievement of the set goals and for continued growth as individual and in the group.